On the front line… Collaboration with ASPP

Innovative fire protection system for modular buildings QMODULAR! ASPP PSA’s products are components of a fire prevention system that enables fire suppression in its early stages. The products aim to limit damages and protect property and the environment.

“ASPP places great emphasis on utilizing the latest technologies to provide an even greater sense of security for individuals in buildings, protect investors from massive financial losses in the event of a fire, and minimize its negative impact on the natural environment. We have chosen to incorporate ASPP’s products into our modular construction solutions because they align perfectly with the values embraced by QMODULAR. The first investment we are undertaking using ASPP technology is a dormitory consisting of 650 modules. We are excited about the opportunities our new partnership will offer to our clients” – summarized Marcin Pacura, CEO of QMODULAR

As part of the latest QMODULAR Partnership, we are pleased to present the Autonomous Fire Prevention System (ASPP), which effectively prevents fire spread in enclosed spaces. It is utilized in both residential and large-scale facilities. The applied nanotechnology is a response to high fire safety requirements.

One of the product series offered by ASPP is ASPP STICKER, which protects small electrical devices with a net volume ranging from 0.2 liters to 65 liters. Installation involves placing the product horizontally at the top of the protected object. Once the activation temperature is reached, the product releases the extinguishing agent, eliminating the fire source.

Another product is ASPP ROPE, which is a rope made of composite materials containing a mixture of microcapsules with a fire extinguishing agent and an initiating oxidizer. It reacts to fire by activating the thermal oxidizer contained in the product, causing a rapid release of the gaseous extinguishing agent to eliminate the fire source upon ignition, ignition spread, or self-ignition.   

The company also offers enclosures for PV connectors and junctions used in solar installations. ASPP MC4 CONNECTOR BOX consists of an enclosure that contains an autonomous fire prevention system.


“We would like to express our gratitude for the recognition and trust bestowed upon us. We are convinced that our collaboration will bring further successes. Through mutual support and the synergy of our strengths, we can carry out projects that will benefit both QMODULAR’s clients and our companies. We believe that our products, combined with your professionalism and excellent quality of service, will yield extraordinary results. Once again, we thank you for your trust and enthusiasm in our collaboration. We look forward to continued fruitful cooperation and the development of our projects in the future “ – summarized Wojciech Małysz, CEO of ASPP PSA


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