QMODULAR x AQUANEC – a new collaboration

QMODULAR and AQUANEC are joining forces to create homes and large-scale modular buildings equipped with state-of-the-art water purification systems. 

In its quest to erect revolutionary, technologically advanced and environmentally friendly solutions in the modular building sector, QMODULAR has decided to enter into a Partnership with AQUANEC. The partnership with AQUANEC aims to set new trends in the creation of buildings with modern water purification technology in QMODULAR’s large-scale buildings. 
QMODULAR specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of large-scale modular buildings. Over the years, they have carried out investments in the main sectors of the real estate market: residential, retail, office or hotel. 70% faster than traditional construction methods. 
AQUANEC offers a range of water treatment solutions that control and reduce water contamination, protect against corrosion and eliminate dangerous agents living in water bodies and their distribution system. The system that AQUANEC offers is the only one in the world that kills bacteria in water, using low-frequency waves, without the use of chemicals. The system requires no servicing or cleaning, which is a major improvement over other such solutions from other companies. 
“We are proud of the partnership we have established with AQUANEC, experts in water treatment systems. This collaboration opens up new horizons for our modular buildings, especially for hotels, resorts and estates that often struggle to access clean water.  By investing in our modular buildings equipped with AQUANEC systems, investors not only receive a guarantee of quality service for their facilities, but also contribute to sustainable development by ensuring access to clean water even in the most challenging environments. This is not only an investment in the future, but also a contribution to improving the quality of life and the environment.” – concluded Marcin Pacura, CEO of QMODULAR. 
“I am delighted that we have entered into cooperation with QMODULAR, which represents a new stage in providing innovative water treatment solutions for modular buildings. Our collaboration opens up new opportunities for large-scale buildings, especially those operating in harsh environments where access to clean water is a key challenge. Our advanced systems, integrated with QMODULAR concepts, not only ensure a reliable water supply, but also respond to specific site needs. In addition, our solutions have considerable adaptability, enabling them to be tailored to the specific needs of each installation. Our patent-pending frequency controller and algorithm enable effective bacteria removal in the shortest time, without the need for chemicals, making the VL10K an extremely flexible and efficient solution.”- added Rasmus Norling, CEO of AQUANEC.



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