New Port in Kraków – hotel on the water

In the heart of Krakow, on the Vistula River, there is a unique place that combines modern architecture and comfort with unforgettable views. The New Port Hotel is an innovative floating hotel, designed and built by QMODULAR.

Floating buildings with modular technology

The innovation in the construction of floating buildings on the water, especially those designed using modular technology, represents a revolution in architecture and construction. Modular technology, which involves manufacturing buildings in a factory and then transporting them to the site for assembly, is ideally suited to the needs of floating structures. Thanks to this method, buildings can be realised faster, with less impact on the environment and with greater precision of construction. Floating structures use unique anchoring and stabilisation systems to ensure safety and durability, even in dynamic water conditions. Floating buildings can contribute to the better use of urban and natural water bodies, which often remain undervalued and underused. Thus, floating buildings with modular technology are not only becoming the answer to the challenges of limited space and climate change, but also the forerunners of new trends in the architecture of the future.

Q-Wave Classic – the floating hotel

Q-Wave Classic – this is the name of one of the 6 floating hotel segments. The floating units with spacious terraces are attached to the shoreline. One hotel suite is made of 3 elements: a float, a main (lower) module and a roof module. The entire development consists of 60 modules and 30 floats. The building has an intelligent management system that controls, among other things: lighting control, air-conditioning control, smoke detectors, pontoon flood detectors and pontoon emergency pumps, recuperation, waste disposal.

A key element that sets Hotel New Port apart from other prestigious hotel facilities in Krakow is its location. Floating on the water, the rooms provide unique perspectives on the Krakow landscape, creating ideal conditions for relaxation. What convinces guests to choose New Port Hotel are the 2-level suites with spacious terraces and panoramic glazing, located in the city centre overlooking Wawel Castle.

Design and modernity

The New Port Hotel is characterised by an excellent design that combines modernity and functionality. Every detail has been carefully considered to ensure maximum comfort for guests and to create a feeling of spaciousness and openness. State-of-the-art technology and high-quality finishing materials complete the package, making a stay at Hotel New Port not only a pleasure, but also an experience of luxury in an exciting new form.


Download data sheet: Q-Wave Classic

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