Modular changing room complex for MAN employees in Niepołomice

Another project we have completed is the construction of a modern social facility for MAN employees in Niepołomice. This impressive building, with a built-up area of 870m²  and a cubic capacity of 3012m² , is an excellent example of MAN’s innovative approach to creating work space for its staff. The project was built in three months, starting from the creation of the design to the acceptance of the building.

The social facility, built by QMODULAR, was designed to provide a functional and employee-friendly environment. The two-storey structure offers space for 500 employees who work in three shifts. The building was designed to make its premises spacious and ergonomic. The investment was a turnkey project and was therefore equipped with full furnishings. As a company with a commitment to sustainability, QMODULAR uses innovative technologies and materials with low environmental impact when constructing modular buildings. In addition, the mobility of the modular buildings allows for easy adaptation and relocation when needed, making them a cost-effective and flexible solution for various industries.

The modern social facility for MAN employees in Niepołomice, built by QMODULAR, is a perfect example of the harmony between functionality, modern design and a sustainable approach to construction. This innovative project not only meets the needs of today’s employees, but also provides the opportunity for the company to grow rapidly.




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