Cocomodule – new to the QMODULAR portfolio

We are delighted to present Cocomodule 32, the latest product in the QMODULAR portfolio, which changes the rules of the game in the field of modular homes. Despite its compact dimensions, the Cocomodule 32 surprises with its spaciousness and modern design, integrating all the necessary functions of a permanent home into just 30.76 m² of floor space.

A distinctive feature of this model is its huge glazing, which provides plenty of natural light and allows you to enjoy the beautiful views without leaving the house. The functional layout including living room, kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom perfectly meets the needs of the modern owner.

Cocomodule 32 is a thoughtful response to the growing demand for efficient use of space combined with attention to aesthetics and living comfort. It is a proposition for those who are looking for a home that is both practical and beautiful, without having to sacrifice either aspect. Our modular homes are the answer to today’s housing challenges, combining technology, design and ecology.

We invite you to contact us for details of our range.

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