Modular changing room complex for the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow

QMODULAR is not only a manufacturer of hotels, office buildings, housing estates or social buildings. We recently had the opportunity to realize a locker room complex for the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow.

Record building construction and installation time!

The 170-square-meter facility was built to turnkey standard in an extremely short time – in less than 30 days! What’s more, the installation of the modules themselves on site took just one day. This record construction and installation time for the building allowed students to use modern and functional locker rooms in record time. Construction time is critical for many builders, and modular buildings provide an efficient solution, eliminating the lengthy processes of traditional construction.


Energy efficient

To make the buildings energy efficient, we equipped the buildings with photovoltaic panels. Financial savings are not the only benefits of investing in photovoltaics. The benefits are also related to the fact that the cells allow to obtain completely clean, environmentally friendly energy, significantly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other harmful substances in the atmosphere. In addition, the photovoltaic panels are built mostly from recyclable materials.


The locker room complex completed by QMODULAR for the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow is an excellent example of the innovative approach to modular construction in the education sector.


You can read about the advantages of modular construction HERE



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