Modular student house

The modular dormitory is an innovative solution that meets students’ growing expectations in terms of comfort, functionality and accessibility. It gives them the opportunity to live in spacious rooms with their own bathrooms and kitchenettes, as well as access to a variety of amenities and study spaces. It is a place where students can feel at home, focusing on their education and developing new relationships with other residents.

Today’s students’ needs challenge educational institutions to provide adequate accommodation. In response to these needs, an innovative 9-storey modular dormitory is being developed, which offers a wide range of room sizes and functionalities.

Specification of modular dormitories

There are up to eight different room types in the dormitory to suit the different preferences and needs of the residents. Students can choose from single comfortable micro-apartments, which are equipped with a king size bed and a private bathroom. For a group of friends or those who appreciate social atmosphere, 4-person rooms are available for functionality and comfort.

Functional layout of the module

All dorm rooms are carefully designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding. Each room is equipped with an en-suite bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, giving residents privacy and comfort. A kitchenette with sink, under-counter fridge and induction hob allows meals to be prepared without leaving the room. In addition, built-in wardrobes and bookcases provide plenty of storage space for belongings, and single or double comfortable beds ensure a sound night’s sleep after a full day of studying.

The dormitory also offers rooms equipped with dining tables, which provide a convenient place to enjoy meals or get together. In addition, some of the rooms have been adapted to accommodate people with disabilities to ensure equal access to student housing.

All the rooms in the student accommodation have been manufactured and finished in 95% at the QMODULAR factory in Węgrzce Wielkie. Thanks to this production process, the rooms are carefully made under controlled conditions, which guarantees high quality and aesthetics. We also provide transport to the destination and on-site assembly.

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