Steel construction in modular building

The origins of modular construction are attributed to shipping containers, which were adapted by Malcolm McLean in 1955. The face of construction changed with the influence of Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway) and the Netherlands. There, prefabrication is inherently linked to wood. This type of construction enjoys great popularity, particularly in the United States. Today’s technology and innovations in the construction industry, such as steel structures, are completely transforming this image. We are witnessing a revolution in construction, and Qmodular is introducing changes that not only enhance quality but also redefine the rules of the construction market.

Precision in every detail

Modules based on steel construction are characterized by precision. Welding modules in controlled conditions results in meticulous construction, overseen by multiple production processes. This precision allows for perfect fitting of connections, faster assembly, and arrangement of modules into large-scale buildings, achieving impressive heights. Precise construction forms the foundation of durability and efficiency.

Strength – the foundation of safety

The strength of steel ensures that the steel structures of modular buildings guarantee the stability of the entire construction. This allows for the creation of large open spaces, such as open-plan offices. Various spans can be achieved in modular steel constructions without the need for additional supports, enhancing open space. The steel frame ensures that walls remain intact and floors maintain their perfect level after transportation and assembly. The safety of the construction is a priority met entirely by structural steel. You can read more about  transportation HERE.

Unlimited durability

Steel was designed with longevity in mind. Its ability to absorb impacts and seismic stresses makes modular structures based on a steel frame incredibly durable. It withstands the test of time without compromising quality, resulting in a long-term return on investment for building owners. At QMODULAR, we offer a 100-year warranty on our steel constructions!

Resistance to all factors

Steel is exceptionally versatile and flexible in terms of design, while also being resistant to fire, pests, and mold. Modular structures with steel construction meet the highest construction standards, making them an excellent choice for various projects, such as hospitals where high standards must be maintained. Protection and safety are priorities that steel meets without compromise.

Economy and ecology

Steel constructions are not only economical in the long run but also environmentally friendly. Waste minimization and ease of recycling make steel one of the most ecologically sound building materials. Developers who choose steel are not only investing in the future but also caring for our planet. Obtaining wood for construction purposes, even if done sustainably, is not carbon-neutral (according to a report by the American World Resources Institute).

Modular constructions based on a steel frame represent modern quality in construction. As producers of modular buildings, we demonstrate that steel is the future, guaranteeing durability, safety, and efficiency. Contemporary construction is no longer just a workplace; it has become a symbol of innovation and sustainable development. It is thanks to steel modular construction that the future of construction becomes even more promising.
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