Modern barn house – minimalism in every detail

Nowadays, when many people are looking for unusual architectural solutions, modular mordern barn houses in the style of a modern barn are gaining popularity.  It is the combination of minimalist design with functionality and ecology that makes many people opt for this type of house. These houses, offered by Qmodular, are the answer to the needs of people who want not only a unique place to live, but also an environmentally friendly one. Find out in our article what a modern barn house is and the advantages of modular construction.


Modernity, functionality and energy efficiency

The main distinguishing features of the modern barn-style modular homes are their modern design and practicality. The pitched roof and large panoramic windows are reminiscent of the Scandinavian style, creating a harmonious relationship between the interior and exterior. This is particularly good for those who want to have nature close at hand. Modern barns are flexible and can be used in a variety of roles – from residential homes to holiday homes and resorts, it all depends on the client’s needs. The simplicity of these structures invites you to relax and unwind. 

Functionality for everyone

A residential barn is a typical choice for those looking for a striking yet functional structure. Modular barn-style house combine a modern look with spacious, well-lit interiors. This flexibility allows them to be adapted to the needs of families and couples alike. Even a small space of 35 m2 can be ideal for a holiday home where you can relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty. There are also configurations with larger spaces of up to 100m2, so there really is a dream home to suit everyone’s needs.

Check out the arrangements of one of our modern barn-type modular house Orion:

Ground floor

Functional layout floor 1

First Floor

Functional layout Orion Modular Modern Barn

Advantages of the modern barn

We can design modular homes in the style of a modern barn to be self-sufficient through the use of renewable energy and photovoltaic installations. This not only saves energy, but also does not interfere with our environment. The modern barn houses impresses owners and guests with its design, open interiors and large glazed areas. A great advantage is the possibility to configure the modules, which gives you the freedom to create the space according to your needs.


Modern barn designs are the dream of many people who value a striking appearance and the possibility of personalisation. The common feature of these houses is a block on a rectangular plan. Characteristic gabled roofs and elevations made of natural materials such as wood or stone give them a unique character.

Construction of modular houses modern barn house

Modern barns can be erected using a variety of technologies, but due to their energy-saving properties, it is worth choosing modular technology. The design of the building is carefully tailored to the investor’s individual needs, taking into account the size, number of storeys, shape of the body and layout of the rooms. The production of the components takes place in a factory, and the ready-to-use modules are installed and connected on site.



Rapid implementation

Because most of the work is done in the factory, the construction time for modern barn-style modular homes is significantly shorter compared to traditional construction methods. Construction can be carried out all year round, regardless of weather conditions. For Qmodular, the construction process typically takes between six and 12 weeks for single-family homes . Examples of single-family houses in the modern style you know from the range include PHEONIX, AURIGA, ORION or SAGITTA. You can configure each of them in any way you like. When it comes to solutions for holiday homes or dispersed resorts, we recommend Lyra, Cassiopeia, Cetus Holiday or our latest Cygnus house.


3D Qmodular is the perfect choice

Modern barns houses are a unique solution for those who value simplicity, functionality and ecology. QM barn-style modular homes offer not only a modern look, but also energy efficiency and the ability to be built quickly. Their flexibility allows them to be adapted to a variety of needs, creating a place that invites you to live, relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. For those looking for unique architectural solutions, modern barn-style modular homes are definitely a worthy choice to consider.  




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