Impact of modular construction on the development market

Modular construction is growing in popularity and its growing importance could have a significant impact on the property development market. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of modular construction, which could help to reverse the trend of building developments using traditional technology.


Quick implementation of projects
Modular technology allows projects to be completed quickly, as the finished modules are manufactured in a factory and then transported to the construction site for assembly. As a result, atmospheric factors have no effect on the speed of project construction. This approach can significantly accelerate the pace of new housing construction, which is important in the context of the growing demand for housing. We can deliver the first modules to the construction site in as little as two months from the date of project approval and contract signing. Over the last few years we have completed investments in the main sectors of the real estate market: residential, retail, office or hotel.


Engineering & Design Department
You can count on the support of our interdisciplinary team of experts – from the design stage through to the preparation of technical documentation. We assist you in the building permit process.


Reducing financing and supervision costs
You can count on the support of our interdisciplinary team of experts – from the design stage, through the preparation of technical documentation and the entire production, transport and assembly process, to the commissioning of your investment. Designers, constructors, production managers, site managers, project managers and logisticians are at your disposal. A reduction in construction time of up to 70% results in a reduction in financing and supervision costs, which is a significant economic advantage for developers.


High quality
The controlled factory environment allows for better quality control, and the materials we use from recognised manufacturers are of high quality, resulting in finished products that meet the required standards. Our buildings undergo a 7-stage inspection, during which we verify over 100 elements.


Price guarantee
At QMODULAR you always get a price guarantee. You know the final cost of your investment on the day you sign the contract. You don’t have to worry about availability or changes in the price of building materials.
We have a stock of building materials, which allows us to keep to the cost of your investment. By choosing QMODULAR, you will probably never have to carry out an entire investment at once again. In the case of the construction of a single-family housing estate, you can order the houses when they are actually sold and we will deliver them in a surprisingly short time, even within 60 days!


Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly
Modular technology is closely linked to the issue of energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint. It includes the minimisation of waste at the production stage and the use of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels or heat pumps. We design buildings that are energy efficient and equipped with intelligent solutions. We design modular buildings with energy efficiency in mind, which can bring many environmental benefits and lower running costs.


In summary, modular construction not only speeds up the pace of projects, but also brings environmental benefits, reduces costs and ensures high quality workmanship. This innovative approach to construction could be key in a booming housing market capable of meeting the growing demand for new places to live.

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