Modular building ordering process at QMODULAR

Have you ever wondered what a step-by-step collaboration with QMODULAR looks like? Below we’ll walk you through the 8 steps modular building ordering process you need to follow to enjoy your new investment! 


01 Contact the QMODULAR Sales DPT

The investor gets in touch with our QMODULAR Sales Departament through:

• phone calls at numbers: +48 535 344 171, +48 535 344 313 (PL, EN), +48 535 344 301 (PL, DE), 
contact form on the website

Next, one of few our Sales Specialist familiarizes itself with the detailed information and requirements of the customer. We can adapt our original design to the investor’s individual preferences, adapt a client’s project designed for traditional construction or create a completely new one. Our team of experienced architects specializes in crafting aesthetically pleasing developments while providing cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions.


02 Preparation offer by QMODULAR Sales DPT

Upon receiving the pertinent information and considering the client’s specific requirements, the QMODULAR sales specialist will diligently draft a comprehensive proposal. This proposal will encompass details regarding the project’s scope, timeline, finishing standards, specifications and payment terms.


03 Contract signing 

After the customer accepts the offer, we take the next step and initiate the contract signing stage to formalize the agreement. Our efficient contract signing process ensures transparency and clarity for both parties, establishing a strong foundation for the project. Once the contract is signed, the customer is introduced to their dedicated Project Manager. At QMODULAR, we prioritize open communication and exceptional customer service. Our dedicated project manager remains readily available to address any queries or concerns the customer may have, providing regular updates on the project’s progress. With our team’s unwavering support, the customer can rest assured that their vision will be transformed into reality, culminating in a successful building handover.


04 Design

QMODULAR in-house design team understands the intricacies of modular buildings and can tailor designs to meet each client’s specific requirements. This means our solutions are functional, energy-efficient and align perfectly with the desired aesthetics and performance. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the modular construction industry, leading to exceptional and contemporary designs. We will create the Workshop Documentation necessary for production.


05 Production process

Upon the customer’s approval of the project documentation, we will commence the production process of the modules. Our advanced technology and high production standards en sure the durability and quality of our products. Our buildings undergo a 7-stage inspection, during which we verify over 100 elements. Due to the fact that our buildings are built from scratch in the production hall, we are independent of the weather conditions, whitch often affect the quality of the work performed. We use high-quality, certified building materials. Internal standards and quality control allow the product to be checked at every stage of production so that it meet the stringent requriments of our customers. Focusing the production attention in one place and optimizing the production material allows to reduce the amount of construction waste produced, thus reducing the costs of their disposal.


06 Transport

Our logistics team ensures the safe and timely transportation of modules to the construction site. Modules are delivered by sea or by land: oversized transport or by train. We prioritize a customized approach to provide optimal transport solutions for each project. We collaborate with professional carriers and utilize specialized equipment to ensure a secure transport, regardless of challenging terrains or logistical constraints. You can learn more about how our modules are transported HERE. 


07 Assembly

Our skilled assembly team takes charge at the construction site, efficiently installing the pre-fabricated modules to create the final structure. With precise planning and seamless coordination, the modules are interconnected to form a cohesive and durable building. To learn more about our innovative modular assembly process and how it revolutionizes the construction industry, we invite you to explore the details provided in our comprehensive guide HERE. 


08 Project handover to the Investor

Once assembly and the necessary tests have been completed, we draw up a delivery and acceptance report. The customer can enjoy his new, modern and energy-efficient investment!


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