New co-operation with NYQUISTA

Nyquista is a Polish leading manufacturer of acoustic panels that has been providing its services for 11 years. From this year QMODULAR and Nyquista’s design department will create your dream space. An extensive production staff and a team of reliable fitters will be responsible for bringing these solutions to life. Acoustics designed according to your needs combined with modern desgin is Nyquist’s speciality. 

What are a golf simulator?

Playing in the simulator is intended to reflect the playing conditions as close as possible to those prevailing on the golf course. The room is equipped with a number of advanced devices such as a golf radar, gaming computer, dedicated software, control panel, touch screen, projector and sound system. An equally important element of the golf simulator is the interior equipment in the form of: acoustic panels, soundproofing mats, furniture, artificial grass or vibration isolation of the floor. When building the golf simulator, we pay special attention to the comfort and safety of the users. The room is equipped with impact side and ceiling curtains and a screen that absorbs the entire impact momentum of the ball. All these elements, are selected for each simulator individually, so as to create the most comfortable and realistic playing conditions as possible. It will allow you to play golf with friends, family, at any time of the year, in the comfort of your own home. The module with the simulator can be added to an existing building or placed separately on the plot. 


A modern office building in the style of your business 

When designing a large-scale building, such as an office building, we can equip it with a golf simulator. This will provide great entertainment for your employees. The efficiency and motivation of employees increases when they are provided with convenient working conditions and added value. Lunch breaks are no longer an attraction, they have become the norm. In order to get employees even more involved, business owners are offering them new solutions to take their minds off their professional duties, at least for a while. 


Attractive community spaces – a proposition for developers 

People looking around for the perfect flat, in addition to the location, the functional layout of the flat and its square metres, are increasingly paying attention to what the deweolopers offer them in the common areas. Gyms, saunas, jacuzzis and swimming pools are the most popular solutions, but how about convincing future residents with a private cinema room, a golf simulator, a coworking space or a quiet zone? Residents want to live in modern housing estates that will offer them daily opportunities to relax after a hard day’s work, as well as having attractions within their own home. 


A cinema room in your own development 

Detailed and spacious sound, next to the video, is the most important element of a home cinema. If you want to feel like you’re in a real Cinema, you need a well-designed sound system. The right choice of equipment, combined with the correct interior acoustics, will allow you to fully discover the magic of the cinema. Watching films or concerts in a higher quality than in the cinema, playing games on a console or streaming films from the Internet straight to the big screen? From now on, all this is possible at your investment. 


Would you like to experience it for yourself? Would you like to experience it for yourself? Soon we will have the opportunity to invite you to Krakow, where the world’s first golf simulator placed in a mobile module will be presented! 

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