QMODULAR x FIBRAIN – a new collaboration

QMODULAR and FIBRAIN join forces to create energy-efficient homes and large-scale modular buildings charged with green energy


In its quest to erect revolutionary, technologically advanced and eco-friendly solutions in the modular construction sector, QMODULAR has decided to enter into a strategic Partnership with FIBRAIN. The partnership with FIBRAIN aims to set new directions in the development of energy-efficient buildings, allowing the integration of advanced solutions even in QMODULAR’s large-volume buildings.


QMODULAR specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of large-scale modular buildings. Over the years, they have carried out investments in the main sectors of the real estate market: residential, retail, office or hotel. 70% faster than traditional construction methods.



FIBRAIN is a European leader in photonics and fibre optics with over 30 years of experience in both national and international markets. Our own complementary energy management system, including solar panels of Polish production, carports, chargers, energy storage and an intelligent management system, is a ready-made ecosystem that allows us to generate, collect and use energy tailored to the specific needs of our customers.


– This is excellent news for investors who are looking for solutions to use so-called green energy from photovoltaic facades and previously accumulated energy surpluses in energy storage. Our buildings comply with the most stringent standards An addedl value is the reduction of CO2 emissions, which is of great importance in the fight against global warming. Today’s society is increasingly focused on sustainability and care for the environment. The cooperation with FIBRAIN gives QMODULAR access to the latest energy efficiency technologies. – said Marcin Pacura, CEO QMODULAR.


– I am very pleased that we will be able to cooperate with such an innovative company that creates unique solutions, QMODULAR. The common denominator for the entities we represent is the durability, functionality and quality of the products and services we offer, which is why we have decided to cooperate so that our customers receive finished solutions optimised for efficiency and long-term operation. The solutions manufactured within our FIBRAIN group have been redesigned with modular construction in mind, in which QMODULAR is a leader, and have been adapted to the standards and norms of the relevant market. We create with the idea that our solutions, including photovoltaic panels with increased efficiency integrated into the body of the building, energy storage facilities scalable to the needs of the user, intelligent car chargers, energy meters and an application with implemented artificial intelligence for energy optimisation of the building, should please not only the eye, but also the “wallet” of the user. – added Marcin Słowik, FIBRAIN Board Member

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